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Data Commons is a powerful tool that nonprofits can use to find public data all in one place.

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TechSoup is collaborating with nonprofits to make finding data easier for civil society. To do that, we’re learning from organizations like yours. What data do you need to power your work?


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Helpful Resources


Selecting the Right Data Analytics Tools for Your Nonprofit

Learn about the tools you can use to gather and visualize data in order to make it meaningful, help you make decisions, and present it to stakeholders and staff.
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How to Make and Measure More Impact with Data

Once you start exploring your organization's data, the sheer amount of information at your fingertips can be overwhelming. Learn how to define a strategy and develop a plan.
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Data Analytics for Nonprofits

Learn more about what data analytics is and how to better use data to drive action and make an impact.
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Why Measuring the Impact of Doing Good Matters

Learn how taking a quantitative approach to measuring social impact has changed the trajectory for one nonprofit and how QuestionPro has been a game-changing accelerator in this effort.
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